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Ontplooiing [pronounced: ontploying]

What is Ontplooiing?

For an individual Ontplooiing means unleashing more of their full potential. Everyone has loads of potential in them, though very few are able to realize using all of their talents. Ontplooiing is developing your talents to the maximum level. It is like unleashing your trueself, to become the person you want to be. So the question is:
What can ontplooiing mean for you and your career?

Why Ontplooiing?

Ontplooiing helps you understand and achieve more of your full potential. Utilizing your talents every moment of every day. It helps you get motivated, energized and enthusiastic about your current and future self. Take control of your future and ontplooi yourself.

Feedback for Professionals

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Ontplooiing according to Richard Maddocks

Ontplooiing according to Richard Maddocks

Ontplooiing through feedback

Why feedback4professionals?

User Experiences

This feedback tool is very easy to use, practical and was customized to our needs

This tool was very helpful reviewing our leadership skills within our management group. It was easy to ask feedback from colleges and it was very helpful when discussing feedback given within a peer group for a clear inside in what behavior you as a professional or manager could or should develop further. Off course the professional support of Communicum is recommendable as well.

This feedback tool has proven to be extremely valuable in our leadership program. It was customized to our individual company core leadership competences. It has a clear, easy to use interface and it was very easy to give and receive valuable feedback. Furthermore it is a good basis for self-reflection, as one scores itself first on the various aspects of leadership. Perception gaps are a good basis for self-re-evaluation. Furthermore it is a good basis for follow-up programs, like intervision.