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Coaching with feedback4professionals

Coaching with feedback4professionals

For “Feedback Engine” read “Coaching Instrument”

The feedback engine at feedback4professionals is a highly effective instrument for use in a coaching environment.

Personal feedback is used primarily because of the value of the feedback itself and the benchmarking of progress through its repeated use.

However, establishing feedback criteria and agreeing a feedback process can be carried out in a couple of discussions or dialogs between a coach and client.

These dialogs can be an important part of the coaching process in their own right… and as a nice “extra” the results are effectively recorded in the feedback engine itself.

… and as a nice “extra” the results are effectively recorded in the feedback engine itself.

Establishing feedback criteria or competencies is part of the wider discussion about “what the client actually does and how”. What are the important factors that affect overall performance? Which of these factors can be improved to greatest effect? And which of these are appropriate for inclusion in a personal feedback loop?

The self-assessment against these criteria can also be carried out as a dialog between coach and client. Understanding how the client arrives at particular set of self-judgements can be an important part of facilitating new strategies for improving the self assessment. It also sets a useful benchmark.

Identifying the feedback group, can be done as part of the process of identifying who are the key individuals in determining performance. The final feedback group and the key individuals will usually not be exactly the same group, but it’s all part of the conversation about who knows you best? who do you need to impress? and how can you go about it?

Discussing the feedback itself can obviously provide a great structure for considering a set of goals and actions that the client will take forward. Sometimes the “hints and tips” in the feedback may feed directly into this process – but more often a discussion around the meaning of the feedback results is needed to tease out the elements of a plan.

And finally..
..agreeing a schedule for repeating the feedback procedure in six months or a year sets up a target and review process – which is an effective place to end!

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