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Feedback & Recognition boosts Employee Engagement and Performance

Recently I came across a survey performed by SHRM / Globoforce. It had some interesting findings on the vision of HR managers regarding the HR challenges of this year. One of the most important shared opinions was that “crowd sourced” feedback, feedback from peers as well as managers, is extremely effective when it comes to enhancing employee engagement and their performance.

And given that the number 1 HR challenge for this year is Employee Engagement, their shared opinion is an extremely valuable insight into the solution of this challenge. Also on the list of HR Challenges is Performance Management, and again this challenge can be assisted by feedback. Simply put, providing employees with the necessary feedback & recognition after they complete tasks heightens their performance and engagement even further.

The feedback & recognition shouldn’t only be coming from their manager, but also from their peers and others (e.g. customers). The survey stated that this type of feedback provides additional motivation for employees. Furthermore, it provides a complete and far more accurate picture of their performance, as well as valuable input for performance reviews, which are an important part of performance management.

More is better

I found another very interesting point of view in the findings of this survey: “More is Better” when it comes to assessing employees’ performance. 90% of the respondents said that a higher frequency of feedback moments provides a significant improvement in the accuracy of the assessment. Another observation was that a larger group of feedback providers also improves the quality of the assessment.

In conclusion, for a company to have a significant improvement in employee engagement and performance, they should implement a feedback culture supported by tools. Through this the frequency and the reach of all feedback within the company improves significantly. As a result employees will be more engaged with the company and it will improve their performance.

Do you agree that “More is Better” when it comes to feedback & recognition for employees, to boost employee engagement as well as performance?

The survey can be found here

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