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Our experience is that when you are truly busy with your ontplooiing, you are happier, you are much more motivated in your daily life and you want to exploit your talents & passions. Through ontplooiing you will realize professional growth as well as personal growth. Become a happier and more talented version of yourself.


  • Masterclass: Software Sales and consultancy Masterclass from Communicum and Skillcity in March 2014. Find out more here (Dutch)

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Ontplooiing according to Richard Maddocks

Ontplooiing according to Richard Maddocks

Ontplooiing through feedback

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Food for growth blog

  • Feedback & Recognition boosts Employee Engagement and Performance
    April 8, 2014
    Feedback & Recognition boosts Employee Engagement and Performance
    Recently I came across a survey performed by SHRM / Globoforce. It had some interesting findings on the vision of HR managers regarding the HR challenges of this year. One of the most important shared opinions was that “crowd sourced” feedback, feedback from peers as well as […]...
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  • Stretch yourself
    February 13, 2014
    Stretch Yourself, Get out of your comfort zone
    There´s an often-used cliché that if you want to make significant progress with your personal development, then you need to get out of your comfort zone. And like so many clichés, this one is absolutely correct. By stretching yourself, not to “breaking-point”, but by challenging yourself to […]...
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  • Does HR have a Future?
    February 6, 2014
    Does HR have a Future?
    Yes, is of course the answer. But if things don´t change in many areas, then it´s quite possible that HR will revert to its former role, Personnel & Organisation (P&O). Why was the label Human Resources created, to replace the admin-focused P&O label? The primary reason was […]...
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