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Does HR have a Future?

Does HR have a Future?

Yes, is of course the answer. But if things don´t change in many areas, then it´s quite possible that HR will revert to its former role, Personnel & Organisation (P&O).

Why was the label Human Resources created, to replace the admin-focused P&O label? The primary reason was to inspire a focus on maximising the human resource assets of an organisation…..to identify and emphasise the need to help people to develop & grow, to unleash more of their potential, and have more impact on the organisations they work for.

In other words to encourage and facilitate the Ontplooiing of individuals and teams (from the Dutch word “Ontplooiing”).

HR should be providing self-managed instruments

Increasingly, employees are expected to be self-sufficient in managing many aspects of their employment…..from acquiring devices, tools & instruments to designing & planning their Personal Development. And they need processes and instruments to enable them to manage and control this stuff.

Power to the individual is of the utmost importance.
So in the area of Personal Development, HR folk need to have a strong focus on providing self-managed instruments to enable:

  • Insights into current levels of competencies
  • Personal Growth Plan creation
  • Training & Development programs, “Chinese menu”-style that allows for individual tracks

And these tools need to be separate from the monolithic admin-oriented applications that are often used to manage “all things HR”, which are inevitably focused on the “old” P&O issues. The whole idea is to give “Power to the Individual”…..and simultaneously ownership, responsibility and accountability, to inspire and increase their Self Leadership, and ultimately unleash more of their potential.

So please take action, HR folk…..you can have a tremendous positive impact & additional contribution to overall success of your organisations, by focusing more on the above…..you just gotta do it!

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