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Stretch Yourself, Get out of your comfort zone

Stretch Yourself, Get out of your comfort zone

There´s an often-used cliché that if you want to make significant progress with your personal development, then you need to get out of your comfort zone.

And like so many clichés, this one is absolutely correct. By stretching yourself, not to “breaking-point”, but by challenging yourself to do things differently, to add some additional positive pressure…..this is a sure-fire way to learn more about yourself and to unleash more of your potential (i.e. to Ontplooi yourself, from the Dutch word “Ontplooiing”).

I´d like to share a great example…..it´s from a person who recently followed one of our development programs called “Fast-track Entrepreneurship”. In this program, one of the many areas participants have to work upon is their Personal Branding, including a Personal Pitch presentation.

Personal branding out of your comfort zone

Jan Olijerhoek came up with an exceptionally innovative way of doing this, by having himself filmed seconds before he did a bungy-jump. Here is his movie:

Talk about pressure! To get to this point, Jan had to work hard on preparing his pitch, then learn it to be able to comfortably deliver it in a very natural way (i.e. not to repeat it “parrot fashion”)…..and then do it under extreme circumstances. Chapeau, Jan! What an excellent example of stretching yourself to achieve progress.

So what will you do tomorrow, or sometime soon, to get out of your comfort zone, to accelerate your Ontplooiing?

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